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Privacy Policy
Last revised: January 11, 2020

This document describes the rules for handling customer information, which apply to the website and the accompanying apps.

Collection of customer information

We may collect some customer information, particularly:
  • Browser version, operating system, IP address and type of device being used.
  • In-game statistics, such as final score, playing duration, etc.
  • Anonymous crash data.

Also, we may use certain analytics tools, that collect some additional information, such as:
  • General location (country, state).
  • Visit duration.
  • Referring websites.

Use of customer information

We may use the collected information to:
  • Improve and enhance our product.
  • Analyze aggregate usage statistics and general trends.
  • Detect, investigate and prevent unauthorised activity.

Sharing information with third parties

We do not share any personal or non-personal customer information with third parties.

Cookies policy

We use cookies to save you preferred in-game settings between play sessions. Also, our advertising partners may use cookies, that are used by ad servers to recognize a certain device in order to deliver targeted ads, that should be the most interesting for the customer.

Changes to the policy

From time to time, we may need to change this policy, though most changes are likely to be minor. In case we change our policy rules, this page will be updated appropriately, so please refer to it for the most recent version.


If you have any questions or comments, you can send an email to

    About the game

    Welcome to, a fast-paced and competitive multiplayer snake game, against real players around the world, with a vibe of the Tron lightcycles game. It runs directly in a browser, so no download is needed — just enter your nickname and play! In this game you control a slithering worm-like creature; the goal is to collect as much energy points as possible and don't let others stop you! Hunt for energy, avoid collisions, team with other players, and make your way to the top of the global leaderboard!

    Game controls

    Depending on the type of your device, the controls are the following.

    On a desktop, move your mouse to change the movement direction and hold the left mouse button or Space key to gain a speed boost.

    On a touchscreen device (smartphone, tablet, ...), slide your finger to move around, and press and hold anywhere with another finger to accelerate.

    On a touchscreen laptop, you control the game in the same way as on a desktop system by default, but it's also possible to switch to touchscreen controls. To do that, open the Settings menu, and change the value of the Controls switch to one of the two touchscreen control modes.

    While you are accelerated, your length decreases gradually, and so does your score.

    You should avoid hitting the arena border as well as other players' bodies — or you lose the game. If you hit other player's head, you lose also unless you hold the #1 spot or your opponent is much smaller than you.

    Gamepad support

    The game can also be controlled with a gamepad: use one of the sticks to change the direction, and hold one of the top (front) buttons to accelerate. On a standard gamepad, you should be able to start the game by pressing the Start button and go back to the main menu with the Back button.


    You can join or create a particular room by entering its name in the Nickname input field after the nickname itself and a @ symbol (for example, Player@MyRoom). If the specified room exists on the automatically chosen game server, and the room is not full yet, then you'll join it.

    There are two kinds of rooms: public and private. Public rooms are created automatically, and player join them when they enter a nickname only.

    Players can create private rooms to play with their friends by entering the same room name after a @ symbol. If enough players attempt to join a private room during certain time interval, the private room gets created and the waiting players join it; otherwise, they automatically join one of the public rooms (the same one) on the game server.


    There is a Settings menu, that can be opened by clicking the gearwheel button in the top right corner of the screen. The menu allows to tweak certain options, such as showing/hiding leaderboard, player nicknames and minimap. There are also Graphics and Framerate switches, that may help to achieve smoother gameplay on low-end devices. And finally, for mobile devices or touchscreen laptops, you can choose between control modes, joystick or arrow.

    Getting in touch

    If you would like to give a feedback or have some questions, you can send an email to, or a message via Twitter here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How to report a bug?

    A: If you experience a problem, please let us know about it. You can either send an email to or contact us via Twitter. To make it easier for us to resolve the issue, please report the details, particularly, your browser version, type of the device you use, how often the problem occurs and anything else that you think is useful for us to know.

    Q: How to create/join a private room?

    A: You need to find a few other players in the same region, who should enter the same private room name after the @ symbol in the Nickname field (for example, Player@MyRoom), and then press the Play button. If at least 8 people attempt to join the same room during a 30 seconds interval, the room should be successfully created. The number of players who joined the room initially determines the size of the created room.

    Q: How to get rid of lag and stuttering?

    A: There are a few things, that may occasionally help to reduce the lag:
    • Try to restart your router (just power it off, and then on)
    • Close unnecessary browser tabs
    • Pause ongoing downloads
    • Pause file-sharing applications, like torrents
    • As long as the game rely on the network, the so-called lag spikes, experienced as temporary unresponsiveness and delays, may occur. To reduce those unpleasant effects, use wired connection instead of wireless if possible.

    Q: What are the system requirements?

    A: The game was created with intent to run smoothly on low-end devices, so any relatively modern system should suffice. Here is the list of the hardware/software requirements:
    • A graphic card that supports WebGL. You can check if your card is not blacklisted.
    • A browser that supports WebGL 1.0 and Websocket APIs, which must be enabled. According to statistical data, this requirement is currently met on more then 97% of devices, and the number keeps growing, so this should not be the case.

    Also, it is strongly recommended to use the latest available browser version, as long as newer versions tend to provide better performance and stability.
    Note, that mobile devices are usually less powerful, so the framerate may drop in certain cases.

    Q: What is WebGL and how to enable it?

    A: WebGL is a cross-platform rendering API, that brings hardware-accelerated graphics to the web without a need for plug-ins.
    In case you are able to play right away, you don't need to do anything — it is already enabled. If not, follow the instructions below, which slightly differ for various browsers.

    • Go to chrome://settings
    • Click Advanced
    • In the System section, make sure that the Use hardware acceleration when available switch is enabled
    • If you use an older Chrome version, also go to chrome://flags and ensure that the Disable WebGL option is NOT activated.

    • Go to about:config
    • Search for the webgl.disable option, and make sure that its value is false.

    • Go to opera://settings
    • Enable the Show advanced settings checkbox
    • Select the Browser menu
    • Ensure that the Use hardware acceleration when available checkbox is enabled.

    • Go to the Preferences menu
    • Select the Advanced tab and enable the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox
    • In the Develop menu, ensure that the Enable WebGL options is checked. This option is not present in newer Safari versions, because WebGL is enabled by default.